Delivering only
Your Important
Email Notifications

Priority Notifications

Only receive notifications for emails that must be read right away.

Allowed Contacts

Add specific emails that you want to receive notifications from.

Allowed Subjects

Add specific email subjects that you want to receive notifications from.

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Allowed Domains

Add a domain to receive notifications from any users with that email address.

Increase Focus

By cutting down on needless email notifications you can focus on what really needs to be done.

Email Tools

Use our optional email organization tools to help you reach Inbox Zero.

Download the App

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the MailPusher App?

After installing MailPusher, you will create an account, add the email addresses you want to check, add any senders, domains or subjects you want to receive notifications for and then turn off notifications on your default email client.

Does MailPusher work with any email account?

MailPusher works with all IMAP emails. Most email accounts now have IMAP settings to connect to them. When adding a new email account, if we detect whether we have the settings already or not. If we have them then there’s nothing else you need to enter other than your email address and password. If we don’t have it then you will simply need to add your IMAP Host/Server and Port number.

Does MailPusher replace my current email app?

No. MailPusher is not an email client. You will still manage your emails through the email client of your choice. MailPusher will just handle notifying you when important emails hit your inbox. We show you a preview of the email for convenience.